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The following classes are offered by Radha Carman in Indian dance:

No. Class Age / Difficulty
1 Indian Dance Mix (exploring different styles) Adults & Seniors
2 Indian Dance, Music and Stories for Children Ages 7 and up
3 Indian Martial Arts and Rhythms Ages 7 and up
4 Lyrical Dance Style: Mohini Attam (technical class) Adults





Duration: Classes are 50 minutes long and will end 10 min. before the hour.

Fee: An 8-class pass is $108 ($13.50/class) and is valid for 120 days.

Single classes are $18/class.

Location: West Hills, CA 91307

Sign-up: Please e-mail or call before attending a free introductory class: 310-592-5114; info@elephanta.co

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Free Community Cultural Arts Classes for Children:

An introductory class in:
Dance, Music & Stories of India
and Martial Arts & the Rhythms of India
These classes are usually scheduled once a month, when 6 or more children sign up. To sign up for a free introductory class, e-mail info@elephanta.co or call 310-592-5114 Radha


Details on Classes:

1. Indian Dance for adults and seniors

Spiritual Focus - Focusing on movements that tap into expansive energies in the body, this class will explore spiritual energy through movement, visualizations and meditation in motion.

Fitness and Health - students will learn movements from different styles of Indian dance that will help them stay fit: tone muscles, enhance flexibility, and improve stamina. Students can work at their own levels.

2. Indian Dance, Music and Stories for Children - Students will learn basic steps (Adavus) and dances in Bharata Natyam and Mohini Attam. Also included are stories and music to support and enhance the learning.

3. Indian Martial Arts and Rhythms of India - Students will learn the movements and simple weapons techniques for one of the oldest (perhaps the oldest) martial art form in the world, Kalari Payat. Along with this, students will learn typical rhythmic patterns used in music, theater and dance in South India.

4. Mohini Attam - Adults - This class focuses on the technique and fundementals of this lyrical style with a focus on adavu training and basic dances.


Mohini Attam - One of the seven classical dances of India, the movements in Mohini Attam reflect the gentle swaying of the coconut palms in the breeze and the undulating rhythms of the waves that swell and sink along India's Western coastline.

Bharata Natyam - Rhythmic footwork and clear, punctuated movements give this style a unique vigor and strength.





Note: Other times and days can be made available based on interest. The minimum number of students per class is 5. A class maybe canceled if there are too few students enrolled.