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The Storytelling Class puppets

~ a world music, dance and theater class

Wouldn't it be wonderful to learn music and dance through stories? Get ready to have lots of fun with dance, music, puppets, masks, costumes and more!

In this class, children will learn music and dance traditions through the telling of stories from around the world. Parents are encouraged to participate in the dances and songs while children watch, absorb, listen, and learn a whole new way to express themselves.

The Power of Stories

Have you ever noticed your child's eyes glaze over when a story is told to them? What fabulous imagery does their mind create during these moments? How does this affect their brain and intellectual development? kaya

Storytelling goes back to the beginning of human existence. When hearing a story, a child's subconscious mind dwells on the story's archetypes and symbols. Children emerge from this experience with new insight about themselves and their relation to the world.

According to neurologists, stories are the most powerful way to activate multiple parts of the brain simultaneously and strengthen synapse connections. In addition, stories stimulate the mind to take different perspectives, and this in turn develops feelings of empathy.
See New York Times Article, Your Brain on Fiction by Annie Murphy Paul.

This class presents a new and fascinating approach to arts education.

Upcoming Classes for the Fall:

A child moves a crocodile to the lyrics of a song
Children listen to a story

The Storytelling Class

in West Hills with Radha Carman

featuring Stories from INDIA

suggested ages 3-7 years
for children and their families and caregivers

Tuesdays at 10 am: Sept 23 - Oct 14
or Saturdays at 9 am: Sept 20 - Oct 11
4 class session, 45 minutes/class

Try the first class - No obligation

Tuition: $65 for 4 classes (sibling discount: $45)
or $20/class (siblings: $15/class)
siblings 0-24 months free

As spaces are limited, it is best to sign up for the class in advance.
E-mail: info@elephanta.org and specify the day you can come.

Location: West Hills, CA


make-ups: To make-up a missed class, student can attend another class day/time if there is another class in session.

note: other times and days can be made available for a new group (minimum number of students per class is 6).


children and parent reviews

“When you did your workshop I had fun doing the dance you taught us about. The hand signals went really well in your dances and workshop stories.” ~ Brandon, elementary student

“I liked the part when the boy was frightened by the five headed snake.” ~ Paul, elementary student“

It was amazing how you acted out all the characters. Also the costumes. Wow! I have never seen anything so beautiful. I hope you can teach us another dance someday." ~ Casey, elementary student

“I loved your dancing…I loved the dress and the music.” ~ Jordan, elementary student

“I loved it all. It really taught new types of dance. One of the things I liked was the facial expressions….I also liked the costume. I have never seen anything like it before.” ~ Ashley, elementary student

“Thank you for telling us that story. It was great! And it was interesting. That boy was brave too!" ~ Michael, elementary student

"I'm writing to thank you... My son was entranced.”   ~ Clea, parent


Photos from The Storytelling Class in the Bay Area ~ August, 2014


Children Wear Costumes during The Storytelling Class

Dance of the Birds and Sky enacted duringThe Storytelling Class

Movement Activities presented in The Storytelling Class


Dance of the Moonlight during The Storytelling Class

Mountain and Forest Obstacle Course as part of The Storytelling Class

The Maypole Dance as part of The Storytelling Class

Footprints on the Mountain - an activity during The Storytelling Class