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Mandalam Performing Arts of India*


A Kathakali Performance by

Radha Carman

Kathakali Performance Items:
Purrappadu and Attam (10 min.);
Putana Moksham (40 min.)
Duration: 45-60 minutes including introductions

Performance Fee:

$950 (not including travel and accomodation)
$600 for local performances (within 50 miles of Los Angeles)

To Book a Performance, contact info@elephanta.org

About Kathakali

Kathakali is a stylized theater that combines music, dance and drama. Colorful facepaint and huge elaborate costumes are donned by the Kathakali actor, bringing to life the gods and demons, heroic kings and princesses of the ancient Indian epics. The actors do not speak in Kathakali. Instead they use an elaborate language of hand gestures called mudras to mime the dialogue while singers standing behind the actors sing the text. This frees the actor to execute powerful movements of the body and detailed expressions of the eyes and face. Also accompanying the Kathakali performance are two drummers playing chenda and maddalam, the thunderous stick and hand drums of Kerala. Kathakali is traditionally performed in the courtyard of Kerala temples. Performances begin at dusk and last through the night until the early hours of dawn. Training in Kathakali takes about 8 years, after which students are ushered into the professional world of Kathakali theater. Even then, an artist is not considered in his prime until he reaches the age of 60. It is believed that only a senior actor will have the experience and maturity necessary to give full expression to a character. Kathakali emerged as a distinct theater style in the 17th century. Traditionally Kathakali was performed only by men, who enacted both the male and female characters. In the last 20 years, however, an all women's Kathakali troupe emerged.


Review Excerpts

"The fingers creating the mudras moved as if creating a beautiful painting on the canvas of our minds, the facial expressions added the colors."

- India Post

"...a magical dance spectacle...Mandalam does Ramayana Kathakali style."

- India Currents

"Words fail when one tries to describe the mastery displayed by Sasi and Radha as they presented the love-hate mix and the heavy emotions, bringing tears to everyone's eyes..."

- India Post

"Carman displayed her amazing range of expressions...her transformation as a demoness was sensational"

- India Journal

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Touring History

*Mandalam Performing Arts is a division of Elephanta, focusing on the touring of Indian arts