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Radha Carman

Radha Carman has trained in several Indian classical dance and movement styles from a young age. She graduated from UCLA with a degree in World Arts and Cultures, where she was introduced to other cultural dance and music forms. She studied and performed Hawaiian and Indonesian music and dance at UCLA and also studied European folk dances.

Radradhacasualha directed and coordinated several performance tours in U.S., Central and South American with a company of artists. Among them, The Ballads of Northern Malabar was a performance project that combined dance with martial arts, The Story of Nala and Damayanti was an operatic dance drama and Divine Manifestations explored the religious history of India through dance and music.

Radha also taught dance and theater to students throughout Southern California. With 40 of her students, she brought the epic poem, Hanuman Chalisa, to life on stage, supported by professional dancers and musicians. Radha has also worked in India, and directed a performance project there which culminated in the performance, Maya, A Tale of Love and Sorcery, featured at the Uttarkhand Theater Festival.

Recently, Radha has focused more and more on education. This has led her to take an interest in new approaches to telling stories to young children.


Indian Dance, Theater and Martial Arts - A Guru-Disciple Lineage

Radha studied Bharata Natyam in Los Angeles with Viji Prakash from 1978-1990.The intense training in Bharata Natyam gave Radha a strong foundation to study and explore many other Indian (and non-Indian) art forms with relative ease and fluidity. In 1990, Radha began training in Kathakali with Jan Zeitlin. Falling in love with this theater art, she traveled numerous times to Kerala to study with FACT Padmanabhan throughout the 1990s. Kathakali endowed Radha with an ability to express nuanced feelings using both subtle and dramatic facial expressions, as well as sink deeply into the emotion of a character.
While in Kerala, Radha also studied the lyrical dance style, Mohini Attam at Kalyani Kuttiyamma's school in Tripunithura. Mohini Attam offered a graceful, flowing expression to movement and Radha spent many years perfecting this style.

Radha began an initial training in Kalarippayattu (Indian Martial Arts) at Vallabhatta Kalari in Chavakkadu in 2000 with Shankara Narayana Menon Gurukkal and Krishnadas Menon. The large, bold movements, as well as the precise control and manipulation of weapons gave Radha a new medium for movement expression. Radha continues to explore both traditional and creative interpretations of the many styles that she has studied through her own choreography and performance work.