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Elephanta presents

Tales of INDIA

in Indian dance


Children will be transported into India’s mythic stories and discover a new and beautiful language of rhythms, gestures, expressions, movements and music.

Radha Carman's storytelling style is riveting. She weaves into India's mythic tales the movements, gestures, rhythms and music of India. This lends the story dimension, power, and vibrancy. Through this assembly program, children will resonate with the heartbeat of India's culture and its people.

post-performance workshops

If schools choose, smaller groups of children will receive instruction in classical Indian dance in a post-performance workshop. This follow-up workshop will give children a greater understanding of this art form as well as a more personal interaction with the artist.


Children will develop an appreciation of India's traditions, broadening their understanding of the people around them. Children will discover the nuances of this culture as well as the universal elements that unite us.

Teaching Tolerance: Introducing children to another cultural experience is one of the best ways to teach children to be open and accepting of others.

California Standards: Many of California's core subjects such as Language Arts (through storytelling) and Social Studies (through the study of world culture) are addressed in this assembly.

We also offer schools supplemental materials for a broader study of INDIA’s culture on request.


performance duration

standard performance length: 45 minutes (the performance can be modified to last from 30-60 minutes)


scheduling and pricing

Performance fee: $600

Additional performances at same school on the same day: $100/performance

Post Performance Workshops: $100 per 45 minute class

Transportation and Accomodation Fee:

$1.25 per mile outside of Los Angeles. [For example: San Francisco is 382 miles from Los Angeles, 382x1.25= $477.50 for the transportation and accommodation fee for a performance in San Francisco]

Block Performances: For 2 or more performances scheduled on the same day or consecutive days at nearby schools, the transportation and accommodation fee will be reduced by 50% or more. Block performances can be arranged by your school in coordination with other schools in your district, or, in some cases by Elephanta if the opportunity arises and schools are flexible with dates.



  • a mic stand (not a podium mic), microphone and high quality sound system to play a CD, a sound person within view of the performer on stage
  • smooth floor that can be banged on with bare feet
  • if possible, focused, bright, stage lighting and dim house lights
  • if possible, simple background so as not to be distracting to performance
  • if possible, the audience should be close to the stage


reviews from schools

“A wonderful multi-cultural performance!”
“The dancer interacted with the audience. Students were spellbound….”                                    teachers, Durhamville Elementary

“What a unique experience for our students! They were captivated by her energy and expressive style.”    teacher, Oneida Castle

“The dancer was beautiful and her native costume was elegant.”
“This presentation addressed world culture, customs and understanding of diversity.” “It reinforced our world studies in geography, social, and political structure.”                                                                                                teachers, Sherrill Elementary

“”My students don’t have the opportunity to see much outside of their community. With projects like this they get to learn about other cultures.”                                          Diana Romero, teacher

“I’m writing to thank you...My son was entranced.”                                                                           Clea Jones, parent


student reviews

“When you did your workshop I had fun doing the dance you taught us about. The hand signals went really well in your dances and workshop stories.”                            Brandon, elementary student

“I liked the part when the boy was frightened by the five headed snake.”                                                Paul, elementary student

“It was amazing how you acted out all the characters. Also the costumes. Wow! I have never seen anything so beautiful. I hope you can teach us another dance someday.”  Casey, elementary student

“I loved your dancing…I loved the dress and the music.”                                                                      Jordan, elementary student

“I loved it all. It really taught new types of dance. One of the things I liked was the facial expressions….I also liked the costume. I have never seen anything like it before.”     Ashley, elementary student

“Thank you for coming to our school and thank you for teaching us what some of your movements are. Thank you! Come soon!”
                                                      Christopher, elementary student

“Thank you for telling us that story. It was great! And it was interesting. That boy was brave too!        Michael, elementary student



more about Radha Carman

Indian Dance Storyteller

Radha Carman

Indian Dance

performs in California schools



To schedule a presentation,

e-mail info@elephanta.org

Be careful to type the e-mail as .co rather than .com

Provide us with your name, your school's name, your city and the dates and times you would prefer.

Let us know If you are flexible with your dates, and we may be able to book multiple schools to reduce the fees.


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student letter of appreciation